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theauthority's Journal

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The Authority
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This is The Authority fandom as it exists on LiveJournal. I guarantee that you will become 2030% cooler, instantly, by joining.

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Community Rules

1. Don't be a tool.

2. Toolness will be determined by the moderators/maintainers.

3. Disagree with anyone you like, about whatever you like, but do it maturely, and leave the ad hominems out.

4. This is a fannish community. It's our relaxation. If arguments about Serious Real World Issues spring up and start to harsh everyone's buzz, you may be asked (nicely) to take them elsewhere.

5. All pictures and stories must be behind a cut. Posting a small teaser snippet or thumbnail outside the cut is fine. Please go here to learn how to use a cut tag, if you're unsure. When in doubt, it's better to cut than not to cut.

6. Please mark your posts with appropriate warnings, if needed. The Authority is an adult comic, so you won't be asked to behave as if there are children present, but please do your fellow fans the courtesy of warning for sexual, violent, or non-worksafe material, or anything else you wouldn't want sprung upon you unawares.


All the Authority fanfiction on the web (or close to it).

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